Pet nutrition is a matter of debate and dispute. Many pet owners lovingly prepare their pets food with their own hands, convinced it’s better for them. On the other hand, the pet food industry has grown in recent years and offers a choice of excellent products.

Although they are carnivores, dogs and cats need a balance of nutrients. A “natural” diet can be lacking in vitamins and minerals, especially if you only feed your animals raw meat. This may not have enough nutrients to make a complete diet.

Commercial food also offers life-stage diets – diets can be designed for pets of a certain age, whether old or young. These are nutritionally different, for example, offering less protein and more roughage for older dogs.

Commercial pet foods come dry, canned, in semi-moist packages and as sausages, most with nutritional balance. Although all commercial pet foods will meet your pet’s needs, some of the expensive brands will be even more nutritionally packed because they include better quality ingredients. However, not all pets need the expensive brands and most will thrive on standard commercial food.